Our shoes are ladies U.S. sizes. Please see chart below for differences.

There are a lot of variables involved in determining what shoe size is right for you.

Here are some examples:

You might be a size 4 length but your width (if larger than medium width) will stop you from fitting into a size 4 M. 
Fortunately, we do have a wide width option. Our wide option enlarges the sides in the toe box by 1/8 inch on either side.

Some ladies have a pronounced instep. This is the bone that goes from your leg (on an angle) down towards your toes.
A pronounced instep will stop you from going into a shoe style that is cut high closer to your leg. In this case you will need to go up in size to accomadate this. The size will vary depending on how pronounced your instep is.

Some ladies have a straight heel. This will stop certain styles (enclosed shoes) from fitting properly, and your foot will slip.
In this case you would need to go down a half size.

Also, some shoes run large or small. We do put bright red alerts in the description area of each individual shoe to notify
you of any size irregularities.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your measurements at .

Click here to help you determine your shoe size, but keep in mind the above advice.


 7.75"   2   13½   0   32  19.68cm
 7.88"   2½   1   1   33  20.00cm
 8.00"   3   1½   1½   33½  20.32cm
 8.13"   3½   2   2   34  20.63cm
 8.38"   4   2½   2½   34½  21.27cm
 8.50"   4½   3   3   35  21.59cm
 8.70"   5   3½   3½   36  22.10cm


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